Nice to meet you, where you been

I could show you incredible things

Magic, madness, heaven, sin…

Where have I been? Check out the date people; 1977, yes, this year I will be turning 40. The closer I get to this milestone in my life the happier I feel about the person I am becoming and the journey I have had so far.

Peckskitchen began as a bit of fun and a visual record on Instagram to remember my experiments in the kitchen. It soon became much more. I joined a community of like minded individuals who love to share ideas, recipes and, best of all, positively encourage a healthier lifestyle. I have always been a keen cook and nothing makes me happier than being in the kitchen making delicious food for family and friends and now my food has gathered an even wider audience.

Peckskitchen is much more than food, yes, it sparked a whole host of other healthy choices in my life. I not only eat a healthier and more nutritious diet but I now practice yoga and I am a regular runner… (this deserves a blog of its own!)

As a family we moved to Kenya in 2013. Our move inspired a new way of cooking and a different outlook to the way we shopped. I try to support local growers and produce wherever possible, there are many imported luxuries in Nairobi, but these come at a premium. Buying local produce gives back to the community and has less impact on the environment. Next time you are in a supermarket see how many of your ‘fresh’ fruit and veg comes from Kenya.

Generally we were a healthy family  with a  love for the outdoors but personally I have always carried a few extra kilos and, although loving the beach, mountains, rivers… I didn’t have a weekly exercise routine, in fact, I hardly did any exercise to note!

So what has changed? I had become complacent of feeling lethargic in the afternoons, feeling the need to consume sugary snacks to perk me up, feeling bloated and shattered in the evening. When speaking to others about this it seemed normal to feel this way as they all experienced the same, so life carried on. NO… lets fix it, lets make it right!

I came across Sarah Wilson through social media. Her findings on sugar and the effects on our bodies resonated with the way I was feeling. I was dependent on sugar and I had never seen it as the enemy. I was always led to believe by the mass corporate health gurus that fat was evil and sugar was never even considered…unless you were at the dentist.

I started a gentle experiment by removing sugar (refined sugar) from our diets, including our children’s. After school snacks became less about Nutella and more about wholesome foods. I made their favorite banana bread using dates and they didn’t notice the difference, but I noticed a difference in their energy levels.  Soon Team Peck were embracing nourishing and exciting new dishes using real food without any nasties. We started to grow our own veggies and keeping chickens for fresh daily eggs.

Our happy eggs!

Roll on 4 years and the change has been tremendous. 10 kilos lighter was a bonus, but the best results are my increased fitness and energy levels. I regularly exercise and it has become a daily routine. We are all creatures of habit, so once it becomes a routine it seems like you are missing out on something if you don’t do it. I was able to climb mount Kenya (16,335 feet summit) last year without any real training, just my daily yoga and running meant I could plod on and reach the summit with a smile on my face!

This is what my blog will be about, everything you see is real; real food from our family kitchen, good for you recipes, new food discoveries from Kenya and beyond, family travels, having a positive outlook and general well-being ramblings.

If I can do it, anyone can. Be better to feel better!

Lets get ready to ramble….


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Taps says:

    Great stuff Marina, love the introduction and looking forward to some lovely lazy weekends enjoying the fruits of your special touch in the kitchen, cant wait for the recipes. x


  2. Stunning format and content love it gorgeous!


  3. Annie Barden says:

    Yep…’re on it Buddy. Looks fab.Very professional. So….do I go walking or eat a chocolate bar? 😊😆xxxx


  4. Northern uproar says:

    Yay! Blog-on dude 👍🏽 Love your intro, so motivating and real. Looking forward to some yummy recipes. Just found coconut flour in Mombasa Dough-muffs hear we come 😀💃🏻


  5. Deepali says:

    I love it!! Inspirational and fun all rolled into one sugar-free yummy mummy! Recipes look easy enough. I’m a fan already!


  6. Anisa says:

    Go Mama Peck!! Looking forward to the food tasting in your garden!


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