Welcome to Peck’s kitchen! Our family name is Peck and the food you see here comes straight out of our kitchen. As a family we moved to Kenya four years ago, and our surroundings and travel experiences have influenced our lifestyle, positive attitude to life and most importantly the food that we eat!

Most of the recipes featured are sugar-free, most definitely refined sugar free, as we have not stocked our cupboards with the evil white stuff for some time! We try to have no gluten or dairy, but have very happy chickens that give us daily eggs. Our thriving veggie patch is also a source of organic fruits and vegetables to our plates. We have 2 growing children who eat the same as us, love to experiment in the kitchen too, and carry a great food philosophy of their own.

Thank you for stopping by and musing through my ramblings about healthy eating, supporting local produce and creating yumbolitious and nutritious real food for all to enjoy!

Marina 👩🏼‍🌾